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legal name nadine amelia abrams
(nee stirling)
nicknames naddie birthdate - age march 4th, 1990 - 25 birthplace davenport, texas current residence 38th streetwith Robbie Abrams, astoria, queens occupation bartender parents  john stirling, 48
 sabrina stirling, 47 sexuality openly bisexual relationship status wedded blissJanuary 14, 2015
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hell on heels

From a young age there were a hefty amount of expectations placed upon the youngest of the Stirling clan. Born March 4, 1990 to high school sweethearts, John and Sabrina, Nadine Amelia Stirling immediately became the pet project of her parents. The young family was comfortable and provided well for their children, and a happy homelife flourished at the Stirling residence. John and Sabrina had successfully escaped the curse so often believed to be on teenage marriages. But as picture perfect as their family appeared from the outside, it took a great deal of effort to maintain.

While John looked on approvingly, Sabrina molded their youngest into the envy of the neighborhood. Vocal lessons were provided free of charge by a family friend, horseback riding lessons came at a deep discount through a connection her father knew through work, and the task of priming Nadine as a pageant princess was one endeavored upon every weekend by Sabrina and all of her closest (and childless) friends. From birth she had become a living doll.

Nadine longed for the freedom her older brother enjoyed, though she did so quietly as long ago she had accepted the fact that being the youngest came with the unfortunate reality of being doted on and controlled. Pushed just as hard in academics as in extracurriculars, average grades were unacceptable and failing grades were unfathomable. Ever afraid to disappoint her parents, Nadine ran the academic gauntlet without complaint. She graduated at the top of her class – a shining example of the product of good parenting, or so John and Sabrina considered her.

With college looming, Nadine watched on enviously as her brother pursued what made him truly happy, without a mind for what their parents thought one way or the other. In a series of rash decisions, Nadine withdrew from the program she had been accepted into, and instead found a roommate and a place of her own. For the first time in her life, she had made a decision solely on her own – and it had felt better than she ever could have imagined. The early years on her own were full of unsurprising struggles as she learned to juggle her finances, went through more bad roommates than good, and began to confront the various personal demons that were the product of being denied the right to be an individual for so long. However, much to the chagrin of her parents, these days Nadine has found a job she enjoys (that covers the bills and then some) and a tight-knit group of friends whom she can rely upon. John and Sabrina frown upon Nadine’s lifestyle – particularly her involvement with the club – but where she has come is the closest to bliss she has ever been and she’s not about to turn back now with a world of possibility well within her grasp.


began horseback riding lessons as a young child and has continued her love of the sport into adulthood. her dream is to one day own a horse of her own, a cost which she is currently offsetting by working weekends at a ranch outside of town. what she would earn hourly is considered as cash toward the future purchase of a horse.

must begin her day with a poptart in a way similar to how most people need coffee.

has a knack for mechanics. nadine excels at car and bike repair, a talent not even she is entirely sure how she possesses.

dislikes floral scents so much that she has a near allergic reaction to them. gardening is akin to torture.

has a talent for singing, but needs a drink or two to show it off in public. while country is her favorite, her listening habits are across the board.

can't cook to save her life. she has considered cooking classes in the past, but has since resigned herself to eating takeout for the rest of her days.

has an irrational fear of ouija boards. she once kicked a roommate out over using one at their kitchen table. the kitchen table was promptly thrown out as well.


Strongly opinionated and assertive, Nadine is nearly the exact opposite of who she was in her youth - perhaps in an attempt to overcompensate for her younger years. As a child, she was best described as quiet and mousy. The influence of overbearing, overprotective parents made her dependent and hesitant to act without the advice of those around her - primarily her mother. However, her personality began to exhibit change around the age of eighteen. On her own for the first time, Nadine began to develop an independence she had never had the privilege of enjoying prior. Living on her own and providing for herself gave her ample opportunities to exercise decision making and opinion forming all on her own, and, most importantly, simply enjoy an existence out from underneath her mother and father's loving yet domineering thumbs.

A remnant of her childhood, Nadine still struggles with expressing her most deeply felt emotions without fear of repercussions or judgment. Despite this, she wears her heart on her sleeve and only wishes for the ability to hold her cards more closely to her vest.

Nadine harbors deep-seated guilt for any instances of "disobeying her parents" and regularly struggles with how to respect motherly and fatherly advice (read: interference) while remaining true to her own thoughts and needs. Out of a respect and desire for family togetherness, she often finds herself the peacemaker between her parents and older brother - in spite of her propensity for disagreeing with her mother and father.

In short, Nadine is best described as loyal, sensitive, and driven by insatiable curiosity and thirst for life.